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LOLA: LOw LAtency audio visual streaming system

An inside and hands-on look to a distance musical interactive performance and education A/V streaming system.


The latest 1.4.0 official version of LOLA has been released.
Have a look at documentation page for the newest features and the latest installation and user's manual download
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LOLA project aims to enable real time musical performances where musicians are physically located in remote sites, connected by advanced network services, like the ones provided by the NRENs and GEANT and other International backbones.

The project motivation comes directly from musicians who are currently engaged into many geographically distributed activities (Concerts, MasterClasses, Teaching, Recording Sessions, etc.) which require them a lot of travel and result in a big time waste.

provides a tool which permits musicians to perform many more rehearsals before a concert, for example, giving them much more time to refine the performance before they join together for the event; they can engage in MasterClasses teaching students around the world even when they are located in distant sites, including the ability to perform together with the student during the lesson, and enabling many more students to participate without the need of travel; they can take part in recording sessions without the need to travel to the recording studio, etc.

But LOLA provides also the ability to perform real concerts for the public, with distributed performers, and distributed audience, too. It thus opens a new fully unexplored performance scenario, with new challenges and new opportunities.

is a project developed by Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini from Trieste (Italy) in collaboration with GARR, the Italian Research and Academic Network, and was conceived in 2005 after a demonstration of the first intercontinental viola MasterClass between the GARR National User’s Conference in Pisa (Italy), and the New World Symphony music academy in Miami (USA).

Apart from the Conservatorio Tartini site, which is connected to GARR backbone on a dark fiber, with a dedicated 1G lambda reserved for LOLA (provided by the Trieste Research Metropolitan Optical Network “Lightnet”) the other remote site involved has been the IRCAM site in Paris, connected to RENATER also at 1Gb (general use). Other sites are on the way to participate in a wider experimentation of LOLA around European NRENs and Internet2.

The project research and development team is composed by Massimo Parovel (Conservatorio Tartini Director and project supervisor), Paolo Pachini (project coordinator), Carlo Drioli (software development), Stefano Bonetti (software developement), Nicola Buso (audio engineering, musical advice and testing) from Conservatorio Tartini, and Claudio Allocchio (network engineering and testing) from GARR.



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